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The Artists of ECR Music Group

Blake Morgan - ECR Music Group - Photo by Taylor Ballantyne

Blake Morgan

“Morgan has a voice that was made to be heard on the radio . . . inspired songwriting and passionate performances.”
—Billboard Magazine

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David Cloyd - ECR Music Group

David Cloyd

“And for Cloyd, all those possibilities finally seem within reach….”
—New York Magazine

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Janita - ECR Music Group - Photo by Paul Jung


“This woman’s got the goods. Stardom awaits.”
—Billboard Magazine

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Lesley Gore - ECR Music Group - Photo by Mike Errico

Lesley Gore

“Simple yet lush arrangements surround Lesley Gore’s voice . . . The ever-hopeful ‘Better Angels’ is an absolute high point…”
—Billboard Magazine

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Melissa Giges - ECR Music Group - Photo by Cathrine Westergaard

Melissa Giges

“Melissa Giges is already doing what she wants to do—singing the songs she writes . . . deeply personal songs.”
—The New York Times

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Miles East - ECR Music Group - Photo by Taylor Ballantyne

Miles East

“Prepare to lose your heart . . . You can’t manufacture this stuff. The real deal, a stellar debut.”

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20th Century Duos - Gil Morgenstern & Darrett Adkins - ECR Music Group

20th Century Duos

“…Two brilliant and musically curious artists . . . the music is terrific and the performances compelling….”
—The New York Times

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Terry Manning - Lucky Seven Records - ECR Music Group

Terry Manning

“…One of the most respected engineers and producers in music history . . . Led Zeppelin III, Al Green, Lenny Kravitz, and literally over 100 others…”
—All Music Guide

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