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Elevator Plans :: Eyelevel - Engine Company Records | ECR Music Group | NYC
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Eyelevel | Elevator Plans

Eyelevel - Elevator Plans - Engine Company Records - ECR Music Group

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“Philadelphia’s Eyelevel works a lot of familiar angles but manages to come up with something original in the process. The trio makes gorgeously atmospheric pop tinged with upbeat melancholy in a shiny mix that references like-minded musical brethren like the Police (“Not My Home”) and Toad the Wet Sprocket (“Back to Me,” “Breaking Me Down”). All of Eyelevel’s gifts come together in “Butterfly,” a song that shimmers with the laconic energy of Coldplay while crackling just under the surface with a Beatlesque vibe, and in “Sublime,” where guitarist John Pompeo makes like Jeff Buckley taking Glen Phillips’ place in Toad. There isn’t a single track on Eyelevel’s debut that wouldn’t sound appropriate drifting out of a car radio, and that’s a great place to start.”
—Brian Baker, Amplifier

Track Listing

01. Back to Me (3:40)
02. The Hole You’re In (3:58)
03. Not My Home (3:23)
04. Butterfly (3:07)
05. Sublime (2:08)
06. Parallel (3:34)
07. A Secret Obsession (4:17)
08. Breaking Me Down (2:51)
09. Truce (3:27)
10. Turn (4:13)

Album Credits

Written by John Pompeo
(Rise Over Run Publishing, BMI / Drooling Pooch Music, BMI / Tasty Jam Productions, ASCAP)
Produced and recorded by Blake Morgan at ECR Music Studios, NYC
Mastered by Phil Nicolo at Studio 4, PA
Drums recorded at Westway, NYC
John Pompeo: vocals, guitars
Jeremy Pflug: bass guitar
Steve Pompeo: drums
Blake Morgan: background vocals
Mike Errico: lap steel guitar on “Butterfly,” “A Secret Obsession,” and “Breaking Me Down”
Carolyn Eufrasio: background vocals on “Butterfly”
Photography by Mike Errico
Art direction by Christian Bowers

©2004 ECR Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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