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Hook & Ladder Records is a model example of the collaborative environment at ECR Music Group. This new imprint—spearheaded and A&R’ed by ECR recording artist David Cloyd—is home for the developing artists emerging from his Buffalo recording and production studio. “As an artist myself, I was always looking for a place where I could continue to push myself and develop all of my talents,” says Cloyd. “I’ve found that home at ECR, and Hook & Ladder Records will reflect and express that philosophy as well.”

The label officially launched on January 22, 2013 with the release of Fragile Chances, the debut album from newcomer Caroline Fenn.



The first time David Cloyd heard Caroline Fenn play “Hiding In The Attic,” he said to her, quite simply, “There is no way this is the first song you’ve ever written.” Cloyd then watched and listened as Fenn revealed song after compelling song, each as equally captivating and disarmingly fresh as the first. It was clear that there was a genuine body of work with vision and originality here, and Cloyd felt that there was only one thing to do—set a date and begin recording a full-length album.

The sessions that followed resulted in Fragile Chances, an organic and spellbinding album that marks Fenn’s debut as a recording artist. Produced and recorded by David Cloyd, mixed and mastered by Blake Morgan at ECR Studios in NYC, and with artwork by DM Stith of Asthmatic Kitty Records, these songs are also the focal point for the launch of Hook & Ladder Records, the newest imprint on ECR Music Group’s label roster.

“It’s really been an incredible experience,” says Fenn. “When I started writing, I had no idea this is where it would lead . . . I guess my chances weren’t so fragile after all.”

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