About ECR Music Group | NYC
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About ECR Music Group

Where success is measured by the high note as much as the bottom line.

ECR Music Group is one of the world’s leading independent music companies, founded by recording artist and producer Blake Morgan in New York City. With its vibrant roster of celebrated stars, emerging artists, and distinguished record-label imprints, ECR’s interconnected set of businesses are singularly focused on helping its artists and imprints realize long-term creative and commercial success.

ECR employs a distinct set of resources—our recording-studio facility, recorded-music business, global physical and digital distribution, promotion, advertising, music publishing, TV and film licensing, vinyl pressing, merchandising, brand partnerships, and copious third-party relationships—to extend the company’s reach while holding to our central ideal.

Uniquely, ECR Music Group operates under an elemental principle unprecedented in the music world: all of our artists and imprints own one-hundred percent of their master recordings.

Originally founded as Engine Company Records (ECR) and born from humble beginnings in Morgan’s one-room makeshift recording studio and office, the company has since flourished with offices in Los Angeles, Nashville, London, and New York City, growing to become the global music company it is today.

Founded by an artist and with artists on its staff, ECR Music Group is a company where the unimaginable is simply the norm: where success is measured by the high note as much as the bottom line.