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“Maverick recording artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Blake Morgan’s studio chops, smart lyrics, and gift for the melodic twist have earned him a loyal critical and commercial following.”
—All Music Guide

“He’s got killer pop-rock instincts, something that leaps out at you . . . as well as a flair for recalling the days of pre-digital sound mixes. He has good reason to be excited here, given the sheer consistency and accessibility of the music…a natural when it comes to fashioning sharp melodies and catchy choruses.”
—The Washington Post

“Blake Morgan has a voice that was made to be heard on the radio . . . inspired songwriting and passionate performances.”
—Billboard Magazine

“Music biz innovator Blake Morgan has forged a left-of-center pop career.”
—The Charlotte Observer

“Disarmingly unselfconscious.”
—The New York Times


Blake Morgan’s record-breaking concert series at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall resumes September 23rd—his unprecedented five-year run of sold-out concerts at the venue has fueled an extraordinary string of headlining performances for the artist around the globe. From 2016 to 2020 Morgan performed over 200 times across 130,000 miles of touring on both sides of the Atlantic, with Morgan selling out concerts across the United States, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe.

Now—as he finishes work on his fifth studio album—Morgan is set for the sixth season of his Rockwood series which will run from September 23rd, 2021 through May 19, 2022. Morgan’s Rockwood concerts have become a New York City word-of-mouth sensation, regularly featuring Grammy and Tony Award-winning special guests who join him for unique on-stage collaborations.

Recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and native New Yorker Blake Morgan is the founder and President of independent global-music company ECR Music Group. His ideas, opinions, and editorials on music have been published regularly by The New York Times, Billboard Magazine, CNN, Newsweek, Variety, NME, The Huffington Post, and The Guardian.

He lectures frequently, including at The Georgetown University Law Center, California State University, Syracuse University, NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, American University, and at his alma mater, Berklee College of Music. His music advocacy has taken him to Capitol Hill numerous times where, as the founder of the #IRespectMusic movement, he continues to fight for music makers’ rights in the digital age.

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“My grandfather drove snow plows in the harsh winters of Moorhead, Minnesota during the Great Depression. Two generations later, I’m a recording artist, a record producer, and the founder and owner of a successful, independent, global music company. That’s the American dream.”

Fighting to realize a dream is in Blake Morgan’s DNA. He seemingly had it all—a multi-album, major-label deal with a music legend in his native New York City. But uniquely, Morgan had the foresight to see he was being taken somewhere he didn’t want to go. “I got off the Titanic just before it hit the iceberg,” says Morgan. “It’s why I survived.” Morgan broke free from the standard corporate music model to build something better: the ideal, modern record label.

Soon after signing a seven-album deal with Phil Ramone’s N2K/Sony label resulting in the critically acclaimed Anger’s Candy, Morgan saw danger ahead. Successful tours and rave reviews earned him a loyal critical and commercial following. But in an era when music careers are written in sand, Morgan says he knew that if he wanted his to last he’d have to find another way. “I knew I had to get off that ship before the disaster hit, even if that meant swimming the ocean by myself until I found my way back home.” Although he was the label’s most successful artist, Morgan saw how precariously the label was positioned. He risked everything, and told Ramone he wanted out of his contract. Prophetically, and only six months after Morgan won his freedom, N2K folded.

Instead of looking for a new label like so many other artists would have, Morgan decided to do something different. “I went to all the artists and bands I was already producing and recording, and said I was starting a label myself. A label where the artists would run the asylum, and own their own recordings.”

His gamble would be a winning one. Born from humble beginnings in a one-room makeshift recording studio and office and launched on Morgan’s laptop computer, that label has since flourished with Morgan’s own idealism at its core to become the globally distributed family of artists and labels it is today—ECR Music Group.

Winning David-vs.-Goliath battles for artists’ rights continues to be central to Morgan’s musical ethos. “The idea for #IRespectMusic was born in an Op-ed I wrote for the Huffington Post,” says Blake Morgan (full article: HERE). “Once the article went viral it was clear that idea—and those three words—were far more powerful than even I could have expected.”

The #IRespectMusic movement continues to grow at an unprecedented pace ( Music makers, music lovers, music organizations, luminaries like Patrick Stewart, Gavin DeGraw, Gloria Steinem, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, Jane Fonda, Jean Michele Jarre, Garth Richardson, Marisa Tomei, Roseanne Cash, numerous members of the United States Congress, the NMPA, the RIAA, the US Copyright Office, SoundExchange, and countless others have voiced their support by both signing the petition and posting or tweeting a selfie with the hashtag: #IRespectMusic.

The #IRespectMusic campaign follows his whistle-blowing victory over Internet radio giant Pandora, which led to the multi-billion dollar company abandoning its own signature Congressional legislation proposal which would have reduced artists’ pay by up to 85% (full article: HERE).

Native New Yorker Blake Morgan is a recording artist, record producer, and the founder and owner of ECR Music Group, a global music company that operates under an elemental principle unprecedented in the music world: all of its artists and labels own one-hundred percent of their master recordings.

Blake Morgan - Diamonds In The Dark - ECR Music Group - Photo by Jim Herrington

Diamonds In The Dark (Remastered)

Blake Morgan - I Can Hear You Say Single - Diamonds In The Dark - ECR Music Group

“I Can Hear You Say” (Remastered Single)

Blake Morgan - Water Water Everywhere Single - Diamonds In The Dark - ECR Music Group

“Water Water Everywhere” (Remastered Single)

Blake Morgan - Silencer - 2018 Remastered - ECR Music Group - NYC

Silencer (Remastered)

Blake Morgan - Burning Daylight - 2018 Remastered - ECR Music Group - NYC

Burning Daylight (Remastered)

Blake Morgan - Anger's Candy - ECR Music Group

Anger’s Candy (Remastered)

Blake Morgan - Sneakers EP - ECR Music Group

Sneakers (EP)

Blake Morgan - Taylor Swift and Spotify - CNN Quest Means Business 2014 - ECR Music Group
Blake Morgan - Fox News - ECR Music Group

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