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David Poe

David Poe - ECR Music Group

“The major domo of songwriters.”
—Village Voice

“[Songs] like miniature novels.”
—The London Independent

“David Poe gives the singer-songwriter genre a much-needed jolt.”
—Rolling Stone

“Storytelling with beautiful, lush, guitar-underpinned music.”

“The perfect man.”
—Time Out! New York

David Poe - Photo by Marina Chavez - ECR Music Group


David Poe writes songs and sings them. Sometimes others sing them too.

As a performer, Poe has toured the world with the likes of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, The Jayhawks, Chris Whitley, Glenn Tilbrook and Tori Amos. His work also appears in a variety of film, TV, dance and theater projects. His songs have been recorded by producers including T-Bone Burnett, Larry Klein, Buddy Miller and Dave Sitek, and performed by a wide array of artists, including Curtis Stigers, Oh Land, Ana Moura, C.C. White, Thomas Dybdahl and the cast of Nashville.

Solo recordings include his most recent effort God & The Girl, as well as a self-titled debut, produced by T-Bone Burnett, The Late Album (Sony/Epic), Love Is Red (Universal Music/The Lab) and two live recordings, iTunes exclusive David Poe: Live From The Artists Den and a concert film, David Poe Onstage at World Cafe (Universal Music/Decca DVD). Poe has also created three scores for dance: The Copier: Music for Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Shadowland: Music for Pilobolus and the forthcoming Shadowland 2.

David Poe is a composer fellow of the Sundance Institute. He has scored seven films, including an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival. Shadowland, a collaboration with contemporary dance company Pilobolus, has been on tour since 2009, performed on every continent, for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and was released as a feature film in 2014. Poe has produced recordings for other artists including Regina Spektor, Kraig Jarret Johnson, Grace Kelly, Jenifer Jackson, Amy Raasch, John “Scrapper” Sneider and Brendan Hines.

Transplanted from the American Midwest to New York City, David Poe served as the sound engineer at CBGB’s 313 Gallery before signing to Sony/Epic. He currently lives in Los Angeles.


“What The President Said,” a new protest song by David Poe and Sister C, features voices from the Women’s March and the LAX protest.

The song challenges a president who many believe is imperiling American ideals with outrageous falsehoods, divisiveness, brinkmanship, and incompetence.

In the animated video, the Statue Of Liberty comes alive and leads a diverse and ever-growing group of Americans across the country. When Liberty falls and loses grip of her torch, the people come to her rescue. Before it hits the ground, a group of women catches Liberty’s torch in a formation evoking Iwo Jima. Liberty retrieves the torch and it becomes a microphone: “Show me what democracy looks like!” The people run to Liberty, answering, “This is what democracy looks like.”

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David Poe gives the singer-songwriter genre a much-needed jolt,” wrote Rolling Stone of the songwriter’s T-Bone Burnett-produced debut for Sony/Epic. A video for his song “Who Built The Wall,” released near the end of the election cycle, was watched over 45,000 times. Songs by David Poe feature in several films and TV shows, in scores for dance commissioned by Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet and Pilobolus, and have been recorded by artists across a vast array of genres, including Grace Potter, Curtis Stigers, Ana Moura and the cast of Nashville. Poe has produced recordings for Grace Kelly, Regina Spektor, and Brendan Hines. As a solo performer, he has supported the likes of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. He is a composer fellow of the Sundance Institute.

Sister C is a soul singer whose big voice has been noted as much for its power as for its elegant grace.

“What The President Said” is their first recorded collaboration.

Vanessa Sweet is an animator and illustrator currently residing in Shishmaref, Alaska. She is the co-owner and creator behind Sleeping Fox Studio, a mobile studio that has created works for Hallmark, Fandango, General Hospital, and more. Since receiving her MFA in Experimental Animation at CalArts, Vanessa has used her personal work to highlight social injustices and global dilemmas such as religious persecution, gender inequality, and climate change. She recently received a Rasmuson Artists Grant for her work on the animated short film Wild Woman.