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“Janita mesmerizes . . . (She) remains an artist who sticks to her personal creative vision without having to rely too heavily on her outer appearance or what’s trendy. Her distinctive vocals are her stand-out asset, ranging between an edgier Feist and a softer Florence Welch.”
—Paste Magazine

“This woman’s got the goods. Janita is creating a timeless, sensuous, musical mosaic that deserves to be heard.”
—Billboard Magazine

Didn’t You, My Dear? is a ten-track collection of musical brilliance. Introspective, sonically refreshing, and rife with homage to classic American styles of music, this album beckons for a deep, active listen. Combining the vocal intensity of Bats for Lashes’ Natasha Khan with the turbulent rock edge of St. Vincent, Janita continues to mark her self as an artist capable of producing music of great beauty and unsettling power.”
—Baeble Music

“This belle can belt and pen. Janita teems with vocal wattage and knows it.”
—The Village Voice

“Janita’s mesmerizing, androgynous presence and piercing, curious eyes recall Annie Lennox and Bowie’s Thin White Duke, while her soothing croon is a balm to bruised hearts.”

“It probably shouldn’t be allowed for someone as talented as singer-songwriter Janita to, also, be goddess beautiful. She not only writes beautifully powerful songs, but sings with such passion and conviction that it’s hard to take your eyes off her.”
—The Telegraph (UK)

“For some artists, it’s enough to be known by one name like Madonna, Prince, Sade, and Sting. Janita might be another name to add to the list.”

“Janita’s Didn’t You, My Dear? is so good, it’s intoxicating.”

“Comparisons to Patti Smith and Blond Redhead are just the beginning. This Finnish transplant to Brooklyn has the balls and the pipes to make great music, even having the guts to cover a Tom Waits’ song and do it right. With just a touch of the blues (think Nina Simone) with punk DIY spirit and just the right production, Janita shines through. Her voice is amazing. Many artists are known by one name; Janita only needs one. She is that good.”

Didn’t You, My Dear? is an I-took-control record. It’s also a beautiful record. Every sound on this record serves the song. There isn’t a wasted note. If it feels like a new beginning for Janita, that’s because it is . . . this record is a game-changer for Janita.”
—One Track Mine

“This female Jeff Buckley is all about evolving—as a musician, as a member of the community of artists and as a person. Her new record, Didn’t You My Dear? is a powerful reality check and proof that when you make a record from your heart (without constraints)—everyone can hear its authenticity.”
—Speak Into My Good Eye

“It’s a proud moment for Janita. Didn’t You, My Dear? . . . is her best record yet. Janita isn’t afraid to be brave.”
—Broadway World

“Janita has evolved from pop star to head-turning and heartstring-pulling singer-songwriter with real soul . . . (she) is doing inventory, and setting the terms of her engagement with her music and its listeners as she moves forward. The confidence and maturity found throughout Didn’t You, My Dear? qualifies it as a breakthrough, backs up those words and establishes a respect for her freshly evolved artistic identity.”

“Critics have oozed over this gifted artist, and rightly so.”

“A darkly beautiful meditation on life’s inherent dramas, Didn’t You, My Dear? by Brooklyn-via-Helsinki singer/songwriter Janita is perhaps the most ideal kind of album: striking in both musicianship and emotion. Janita’s deft ability to put ferocity atop warmth is what is remarkable.”
—The Deli Magazine

“Janita’s expressive, understated, and yet soulful performances prove (even) more beautiful than her silhouette.”
—All Music Guide

“Janita keeps listeners hooked . . . HEAR IT!”
—Marie Claire

“Janita is an artist in control. Now, she’s a confident, self-assured performer with an androgynous look and tunes that are so cool and unique that she is truly one-of-a-kind.”
—Music Times

“From the initial insistence of the guitar to the ropy bass lines and smoky vocals, [Didn’t You, My Dear?] is a work that Janita tattoos deep into the psyche of anyone listening in.”
—NeuFutur Magazine

“Janita knows how to captivate an audience . . . in fact, it’s obvious she’s an expert at it. This album is the one she holds nearest and dearest—she evolved, finding the alternative soul niche she now effortlessly occupies. (A) subtle, melodic triumph.”

“Dynamic new album from Brooklyn’s Janita. She’s fully formed. That confidence runs through the whole of [Didn’t You, My Dear?]. There’s an assuredness of talent and ability that, having been established, allows for a deeper connection between a performer and her work, which in turn provides that much deeper a connection between the music and the listener.”

Didn’t You, My Dear? is an emotional tour de force . . . both sultry and inspiring.”
—Red Typewriter

“(Five Stars) This beautiful lady has an even more beautiful voice and these expertly-arranged tracks caress her vocals like a glove. [Janita] is perfectly poised to make major waves across the globe with her music. It’s that good. It is truly . . . mesmerizing. Remember this young lady’s name. You’ll be seeing and hearing it . . . a lot. Top pick.”

“I suspect Janita’s popularity will be fueled by excited word-of-mouth promotion and performances at intimate settings. She has that specialness.”
—Philadelphia Daily News

“Keep an eye on [Janita], she’s a powerhouse!”
—Indie Minded

“Janita’s supple voice is capable of finding just the right tone of aching melancholy or dreamy wistfulness, her songs painting a relationship mosaic of yearning, regret, resistance and struggle, even amid love’s sweetness.”
—The Intelligencer