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Jill Sobule

“Jill Sobule can claim her place among the stellar New York singer-songwriters of the last decade. Topical, funny and more than a little poignant . . . grown-up music for an adolescent age.”
—New York Times

“Vocally gifted and lyrically witty . . . a peerless satirist.”
—People Magazine

“A feisty post-punk feminist whose work brings to mind a cross between Liz Phair and Gertrude Stein.”
—The New Yorker

“Witty & clever.”
—Vanity Fair

“A deft ironist. She is smart and original, a treasure undervalued by inevitable association with countless lessers who also happen to be singing about going to the laundromat in Brooklyn.”
—The New Republic

“Each record [Jill Sobule has] released . . . has been better than the last . . . Her lyrics are always catchy and funny and smart; her hooks and choruses are always fine-tuned and elusive . . . There’s a truth to her stories; it’s impossible to avoid. Not that anyone except a total sourpuss would want to.”
—All Things Considered, National Public Radio