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Melissa Giges

“Deeply personal songs.”
—The New York Times

“Melissa Giges breaks the mold and bares her soul.”

“Get ready to fall in love. Luckily for us, singer-songwriter Melissa Giges is on the scene! Do her clear voice, honest lyrics and chillingly beautiful piano playing sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve heard Melissa on MTV’s The Real World or Keeping Up With the Kardashians—or maybe it’s just what your music collection has been missing! Love new music? Get ready to obsess.”
—Justine Magazine

“Clear, mesmerizing vocals and hauntingly beautiful lyrics . . . [Just When I Let Go‘s] first single, ‘Audience,’ enables Giges to flaunt her songwriting chops.”
—Red Typewriter

“On her latest album, Just When I Let Go, Melissa Giges has taken a chance. She is opening up, and it’s enabled her to tell deeply personal stories about suitors playing strange games, about exes that should come with roadmaps, and the apparent crime of being single.”
—Broadway World

“Strikingly beautiful . . . [Just When I Let Go] has a blend of intimacy and intensity.”
—We R Paparazzi

“I adore the clarity of her voice. Melissa is the heroine of this album in so many ways, and these songs will live within me just as my favorite characters do. My favorite thing about Melissa’s music though, is that her lyrics paint a vivid storyline . . . I see and feel everything that is happening. And just like with any good storyline, there is a beginning, a heartbreak, and an ending. I am enamored by all that transpires. No one is cheering louder for her than I am because such a declaration is bold, and vulnerable.”
—Relate Magazine

“Melissa Giges won herself a devoted fan base when she released her debut album (Evident) a while back. And now, after having her music featured on several national television shows, her latest album is bound to fan the flames of her career even higher. Just When I Let Go features ten well written and well arranged modern pop songs with a heavy emphasis on vocal melodies and lyrics. These songs are layered with just the right ingredients and Melissa’s vocals are exceptional throughout. If you love keyboard-based pop and appreciate genuinely talented ladies in the world of music, you won’t do much better than this.”

“Native New Yorker Melissa Giges is extraordinary as a songwriter . . . So many tracks have ‘hit’ written between the lines.”
—Women’s Rising Music