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David Poe

The Copier: Music for Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet (Remastered)

David Poe - The Copier: Music For Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet (Remastered) - ECR Music Group - NYC

Track Listing

01. The Copier (4:36)
02. Clean Bird (8:21)
03. Down Size (6:08)


“Storytelling with beautiful, lush, guitar-underpinned music.”

“The dancers periodically sweep across the stage as one, just as the lights sweep overhead like the advancing bar of a copy machine . . . Both have a dehumanizing effect, but just as Mr. Poe injects pockets of hopeful longing into passages of insistent hubbub, Ms. Johnson finds ways to emphasize the lovely fragility of the individual.”
—The New York Times

EP Credits

Written by David Poe
(Charming Martyr Music, BMI)

Written, produced and performed by David Poe

Remastered by Blake Morgan at Valiant Recording, NYC

℗2008 ECR Music Group.
©2008 Charming Martyr Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Administered by Modern Works Publishing.