Born To Be Revealed :: Jordan Berlant - Engine Company Records | ECR Music Group | NYC
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Engine Company Records

Jordan Berlant | Born to Be Revealed

Jordan Berlant - Born To Be Revealed - Engine Company Records

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Track Listing

01. Busker’s Lament (3:15)
02. Anymore (2:53)
03. Outward Shows (4:40)
04. Mary (3:11)
05. I Just Want to Ravish You Under a Tree with the Sun as My Witness (3:20)
06. Born To Be Revealed (4:03)
07. Building… (4:12)
08. You Are Not Alone (3:28)
09. The Bunny Food Song (3:25)
10. St. John (3:50)
11. Catcher In The Rye (3:32)
12. Easy Morning (2:34)
13. Curtain Call (5:06)

Album Credits

Written by Jordan Berlant

Produced and engineered by Blake Morgan at Valiant Recording, NYC
Mastered by Phil Nicolo at Studio 4, PA

Jordan Berlant: vocals, guitar
Blake Morgan: background vocals, piano
Patti Rothberg: background vocals
John Turner: slide guitar, Spanish lute, bass guitar, bongos
Miles East: drums

Photography and design by Jordan Berlant

©2002 ECR Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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