Tracy Bonham

Masts Of Manhatta

Tracy Bonham - Masts Of Manhatta - ECR Music Group - NYC

Track Listing

01. Devil’s Got Your Boyfriend (4:37)
02. Your Night Is Wide Open (4:27)
03. Big Red Heart (4:40)
04. Josephine (4:13)
05. When You Laugh The World Laughs With You (5:47)
06. We Moved Our City To The Country (5:47)
07. Reciprocal Feelings (3:58)
08. In the Moonlight (5:05)
09. You’re My Is-ness (4:28)
10. Angel, Won’t You Come Down? (4:08)
11. I Love You Today (2:24)


Masts of Manhatta is another rich Tracy Bonham album, a generous array of song structures, hooks, clever lyrics, strong bass lines, delicious textures, effective arrangements, and strong vocal (and fiddle) performances. Like all her work, Masts is a grower, a collection that deepens on repeated listenings.” —PopMatters

Album Credits

Written by Tracy Bonham
(Little Bon Bon Music, ASCAP)

Tracy Bonham: vocals, violin, guitar, piano, Fender Rhodes, claves, cardboard box
Andy Borger: drums, percussion
Dan Cho: cello
Matt Glaser: fiddle
Smokey Hormel: guitar
Josh Lattanzi: slide guitar
Tim Lunztel: bass guitar, upright bass
Konrad Meissner: percussion
Ken Rich: tuba
Andrew Sherman: Wurlitzer

Produced by Tracy Bonham
Engineered by Ken Rich
Vocal recording by Jason Sarubbi and Matt Werden
Mixed by Tchad Blake
Mastered by Adam Ayan

Artwork by Donnie Molls
Design and layout by Megan Volz

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