Meridian - ECR Music Group

Meridian is ECR Music Group’s label-services imprint dedicated to the breakthrough success of emerging artists.

“Trying to get from one mile an hour to ten miles an hour is far more challenging than getting from ten to fifty,” says Blake Morgan (artist, producer, and President of ECR). “Meridian is specifically designed to help get emerging artists’ careers up to speed.”

Using ECR Music Group’s global infrastructure, premiere physical and digital distribution, promotion, TV and film licensing, manufacturing, and brand partnerships, Meridian’s artist-development team tailors campaigns project-by-project to ensure the artistic vision of its emerging artists not only develops, but resonates, and reaches an audience.

The Artists of Meridian

Brett Gleason - Artist Image - Meridian - ECR Music Group

Brett Gleason

The Heroic Enthusiasts - Meridian - ECR Music Group

The Heroic Enthusiasts