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Where audiences find great music, and great artists find their audience.

Merrill Artists Group is a leading global music company based in Los Angeles, singularly focused on the creative and commercial success of emerging world-class artists. Incorporating a full-service record label, national and international tour booking, publicity, and front-line physical and digital distribution in 110 countries around the globe, Merrill Artists Group is uniquely positioned in the music world, tailoring consistent winning strategies for its artists.

About Tommy Merrill

Tommy Merrill - Merrill Artists Group - ECR Music GroupAs Senior Talent Buyer for New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall for nearly eight years, Tommy Merrill successfully worked to develop the ethos, reputation, and brand of the now famed and iconic venue. As the fledgling club grew into the celebrated national concert hall it is today—and while personally booking over 35,000 shows at the venue during that time—Merrill’s own reputation with emerging artists flourished. A reputation of passionate belief in music makers, of hard work, high standards, and consistent results in advancing artists to the next levels of their careers.

Today, that cemented reputation is the cornerstone of Merrill Artists Group’s own ethos. Following three groundbreaking years as both President of The Press House’s Artist Development division, and most recently as a central figure in the national grassroots #IRespectMusic movement, Merrill has taken this ethos to Capitol Hill repeatedly, meeting with leading members of Congress to push for reform and legislation on behalf of music makers.

Alongside its global infrastructure and a myriad of strategic industry partnerships, Merrill Artists Group is a company that stands on its founder’s own spirited commitment to artists’ advancement. Where musicians don’t just grow, they thrive. Where music isn’t just a pursuit, it’s an identity.

Merrill Artists Group is where audiences find great music, and great artists find their audience.

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