Lesley Gore

Ever Since

Lesley Gore - Ever Since - ECR Music Group

Track Listing

01. Ever Since (3:18)
02. Cool Web (3:21)
03. It’s Gone (5:01)
04. Someday (3:54)
05. Better Angels (4:18)
06. You Don’t Own Me (4:12)
07. Not The First (3:06)
08. Words We Don’t Say (3:32)
09. Out Here On My Own (4:24)
10. We Went So High (2:22)


“It’s Lesley Gore’s career, she’ll revive it if she wants to . . . her first new album in 30 years . . . is as mature and wistful as her early records were brash and bright. Ms. Gore’s voice is a little huskier with the years, and her singing shows the influence of the jazz singers she grew up listening to, like Nina Simone and Dinah Washington.”
—The New York Times

Album Credits

“Not The First” written by Lesley Gore
(Mama Lo Music Co., ASCAP)
“It’s Gone” and “Better Angels” written by Blake Morgan
(Big Red Firetruck, BMI)
“Ever Since” and “Someday” written by Mike Errico
(Sky Blue Coupe De Ville Music, ASCAP)
“Cool Web” written by John Fischer
(Andrew Henry Music, BMI)
“You Don’t Own Me” written by Dave White and John Madara
(Merjoda Music Inc., BMI)
“Words We Don’t Say” written by Lesley Gore, Tanya Leah, Lorraine Ferro, Mike Errico and Blake Morgan
(Mama Lo Music Co., ASCAP / Blue Feather Girl Songs, BMI / Firethorn Music, BMI / Sky Blue Coupe De Ville Music, ASCAP / Big Red Firetruck, BMI)
“Out Here On My Own” written by Lesley Gore and Michael Gore
(EMI Affiliated Catalog Inc., BMI)
“We Went So High” written by Lesley Gore and Ellen Weston
(Li’l Bits & The Witch, ASCAP)

Produced, arranged, and recorded by Blake Morgan
Mixed by Phil Nicolo and Blake Morgan
Mastered by Phil Nicolo
Recorded at Valiant Recording, NYC
Drums recorded at Studio 4, PA
Mixed and mastered at Studio 4, PA

Lesley Gore: vocals, background vocals
Blake Morgan: background vocals, piano, music box
Mike Errico: guitar, lap steel
John Turner: bass guitar
Miles East: drums

Photography by Mike Errico
Production design by Christian Bowers

©2005 ECR Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.