Tracy Bonham

Modern Burdens

Tracy Bonham - Modern Burdens - ECR Music Group - NYC

Track Listing

01. Mother Mother (3:17)
02. Navy Bean (4:26)
03. Tell It To The Sky (feat. Nicole Atkins) (4:33)
04. Kisses (feat. Rachael Yamagata) (2:51)
05. Brain Crack (feat. Kathryn Calder) (3:25)
06. The One (4:59)
07. One Hit Wonder (3:40)
08. Sharks Can’t Sleep (feat. Tanya Donnelly) (5:11)
09. Bulldog (2:58)
10. Every Breath (feat. Kay Hanley) (1:48)
11. 30 Seconds (feat. Angie Hart) (3:16)
12. The Real (feat. Sadie Dupuis) (3:22)
13. Free (3:56)


(Four Stars) “Tracy Bonham’s 1996 debut The Burdens of Being Upright turned Gen-X jitters and Berklee-honed chops into alt-rock gold. 20 years later, Bonham has re-imagined the album, pulling its songs apart and inviting a few pals (Belly’s Tanya Donnelly, Letters to Cleo’s Kay Hanley, the New Pornographers’ Kathryn Calder and more) to help put them back together. The radio hit “Mother Mother,” originally a frayed-nerves blast through early-adulthood angst, turns into a blues-tinged mosey through 2017’s magnified anxieties (“Trump is trending,” she laments); “Navy Bean,” originally a punky corker, stretches out its spindly lick over stomping drums; “The Real” gets a lift from rich harmonies (courtesy of Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis) and swirling distortion. Modern Burdens is a lovingly penned postcard to Bonham’s past self, and a fascinating look at where she’s at right now.” —Rolling Stone

Album Credits

Written by Tracy Bonham
(Darn Darn Dan Dan Broke The Bubby / Universal Music Group, ASCAP)

Tracy Bonham: vocals, background vocals, guitar, violin, strings, piano, synth, bass guitar, drums, drum programming
Jeff Turlik: guitar
Chris Dyas: guitar
Andrew Sherman: organ
John Wlaysewski: guitar, loops, synths, bass guitar, bass synth, synthesizer, samples, drums, drum loops, drum machine, drum programming, percussion, tambourine
Joe Magistro: drums
Konrad Meissner: drums
Todd Perlmutter: drums

Nicole Atkins: vocals on “Tell It To The Sky”
Kathryn Calder: vocals, piano, and keyboards on “Brain Crack”
Tanya Donnelly: vocals on “Sharks Can’t Sleep”
Sadie Dupuis: vocals and guitar on “The Real”
Kay Hanley: vocals on “Every Breath”
Angie Hart: vocals on “30 Seconds”
Rachael Yamagata: vocals on “Kisses”

Olive Hui: background vocals
PledgeMusic Background Vocalists: Howard Frankel, John Hernandez, Caspi Oron, Gillian Clopton, Ingelin Sandtorp Olsen, Matthew Velazquez, Leanna Phifer, Kate Eppers, Vincent Earle, Stitch Mayo, David Young, Katia Dotto, Nick Ford, Renee Valdez, Jem Boere, and Christopher Elliot
Lisa Stockton-Wilson: background vocals

Recorded, mixed, and produced by John Wlaysewski
“Mother Mother” recorded and mixed by Todd Perlmutter at Captain’s Cove Studios
“One Hit Wonder” (drums) and “The One” recorded by Peter Fox at Pearl St Studios
“Sharks Can’t Sleep” (lead vocal) recorded by Scott Janowitz at Appletone Studios
“Every Breath” (lead vocal) recorded by Michael Eisenstein at Death Star Studio
“30 Seconds” (lead vocal) recorded by Bill McDonald at The Scouthall
“30 Seconds” (drums) recorded live by Dave Cook at Levon Helm Studios
“30 Seconds” post-production drum mixing by Jesse Cannon
Mastered by Kevin Salem at The Distortion Tank

Cover illustration by Wendy MacNaughton
Design by John Givens

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Tracy Bonham

Wax & Gold

Tracy Bonham - Wax and Gold - ECR Music Group - NYC

Track Listing

01. Noonday Demon (3:37)
02. Luck (3:06)
03. Wax & Gold (3:21)
04. This Here’s My Grandpa’s Guitar (4:56)
05. Oh McKenzie Silver Water (3:06)
06. Gonegonegone (3:07)
07. Black Tears (4:23)
08. From the Tree to the Hand to the Page (3:16)
09. Under the Ruby Moon (4:26)
10. Lovelovelovelovelove (3:24)
11. One of These Days (3:07)


“Tracy Bonham celebrates family life all over her fifth album—it’s full of gorgeous Americana twang, cut in Woodstock with guests like Langhorne Slim and Amy Helm. Nearly 20 years after “Mother Mother,” she testifies about the hopes and fears of being a rock & roll mama in tunes like “Black Tears” and “Luck.” The emotional peak is also the musical one: “This Here’s My Grandpa’s Guitar,” where she takes that guitar on a journey from her childhood roots (“I wish I could go back in time/To hear him play ‘Sweet Adeline’”), trying to catch an echo of his old-school sound long enough to pass it on to the next generation.” —Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone

Album Credits

Written by Tracy Bonham
(Little Bon Bon Music, ASCAP)
“Luck” and “Lovelovelovelovelove” written by Tracy Bonham and Kevin Salem
(BMG Platinum Songs US, BMI / Van Rier Music, BMI)

Tracy Bonham: vocals, violin, piano, Hammond organ
Jim Boggia: vocals, ukulele
Jay Collins: flute, baritone saxophone
Mike DuClos: bass guitar, upright bass
Aaron Freeman: vocals
Amy Helm: vocals
Langhorne Slim: vocals
Joe Magistro: drums, percussion
Kevin Salem: guitar, banjo, dobro

Produced by Tracy Bonham and Kevin Salem
Engineered by Chris Bittner, Kevin Salem and Kenny Siegal
Mixed and mastered by Kevin Salem

Cover photo by Sherwin Lainez

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Tracy Bonham

Masts Of Manhatta

Tracy Bonham - Masts Of Manhatta - ECR Music Group - NYC

Track Listing

01. Devil’s Got Your Boyfriend (4:37)
02. Your Night Is Wide Open (4:27)
03. Big Red Heart (4:40)
04. Josephine (4:13)
05. When You Laugh The World Laughs With You (5:47)
06. We Moved Our City To The Country (5:47)
07. Reciprocal Feelings (3:58)
08. In the Moonlight (5:05)
09. You’re My Is-ness (4:28)
10. Angel, Won’t You Come Down? (4:08)
11. I Love You Today (2:24)


Masts of Manhatta is another rich Tracy Bonham album, a generous array of song structures, hooks, clever lyrics, strong bass lines, delicious textures, effective arrangements, and strong vocal (and fiddle) performances. Like all her work, Masts is a grower, a collection that deepens on repeated listenings.” —PopMatters

Album Credits

Written by Tracy Bonham
(Little Bon Bon Music, ASCAP)

Tracy Bonham: vocals, violin, guitar, piano, Fender Rhodes, claves, cardboard box
Andy Borger: drums, percussion
Dan Cho: cello
Matt Glaser: fiddle
Smokey Hormel: guitar
Josh Lattanzi: slide guitar
Tim Lunztel: bass guitar, upright bass
Konrad Meissner: percussion
Ken Rich: tuba
Andrew Sherman: Wurlitzer

Produced by Tracy Bonham
Engineered by Ken Rich
Vocal recording by Jason Sarubbi and Matt Werden
Mixed by Tchad Blake
Mastered by Adam Ayan

Artwork by Donnie Molls
Design and layout by Megan Volz

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Tracy Bonham

Blink The Brightest

Tracy Bonham - Blink The Brightest - ECR Music Group - NYC

Track Listing

01. Something Beautiful (4:17)
02. I Was Born Without You (3:43)
03. And The World Has The Nerve To Keep Turning (4:45)
04. Eyes (3:42)
05. Take Your Love Out On Me (4:31)
06. Whether You Fall (3:35)
07. Dumbo Sun (3:28)
08. All Thumbs (2:49)
09. Naked (3:56)
10. Shine (4:19)
11. Wilting Flower (3:01)
11. Did I Sleep Through It All? (3:21)


“Tracy Bonham could be Sheryl Crow’s moodier, less sociable sister. Her third album is a pop-music gem, combining lavish melodies and snappy lyrics about the nagging hunger for satisfaction, brought to life by her dry, sardonic vocals. Cataloguing the effects of obsession, she mutters, “Why can’t I live without you now?” in the jittery “I Was Born Without You,” then surrenders to desire in “Take Your Love Out on Me,” featuring a soaring chorus that suggests an unsettling dream. Bonham doesn’t pretend to have answers—the wry “Did I Sleep Through it All?” closes the album with a meditation on uncertainty—but she turns the search for them into remarkable drama.” —MotherJones

Album Credits

Written by Tracy Bonham
(Little Bon Bon Music, ASCAP)
“Something Beautiful” written by Tracy Bonham, Mark Copely, and Greg Wells
(Little Bon Bon Music, ASCAP / Mlarcky Music, BMI / Greg Wells Music, BMI / Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., BMI)
“All Thumbs” and “Did I Sleep Through It All?” written by Tracy Bonham and Greg Wells
(Little Bon Bon Music, ASCAP / Son of Reverend Bill Music, BMI / EMI Blackwood Music Inc., BMI)

Tracy Bonham: vocals, violin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, pump organ, claves, vibraphone
Matt Beck: electric guitar
Butch: drums, percussion
Greg Collins: acoustic guitar, slide guitar, bass guitar, bass instrument, piano, chamberlin, Hammond organ, clarinet
Davey Faragher: bass guitar, bass instrument
Mitchell Froom: piano, Hammond B3, vibraphone
David Levita: electric guitar, slide guitar, 12-string electric guitar, baritone guitar, electric baritone guitar, bass guitar, bass instrument
Ryan MacMillan: drums
Dan Rothchild: bass guitar, bass instrument
Sebastian Steinberg: electric guitar, double bass
Michael Ward: acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Joey Waronker: drums, percussion

Produced by Tracy Bonham, Greg Collins, Ken Rich, and Joey Waronker
Engineered by Chad Bamford, Todd Burke, and Greg Collins
Assistant engineered by Errin Familia and Glenn Pittman
Audio production by Tracy Bonham, Joey Waronker, Greg Collins
Mixed by Greg Collins
Mastered by Adam Ayan

Art direction by Steven Jurgensmeyer
Photography by Andrew Southam
Illustrations by Hadley Hooper

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