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David Poe

Shadowland: Music for Pilobolus

David Poe - Shadowland Music for Pilobolus - ECR Music Group - NYC

Track Listing

01. The Music Box (0:34)
02. Like a Storm (4:49)
03. JOY (4:13)
04. Not Enough Night (4:02)
05. Transformation (3:21)
06. New Friends (4:08)
07. Gasket 1: Land Static (4:41)
08. The Elephant (3:50)
09. Mangez La Femme! Frame Chase (6:09)
10. Prologue (1:37)
11. Gasket 2: Hunch Hands (5:04)


“Storytelling with beautiful, lush, guitar-underpinned music.”

“A completely new show, Shadowland will become, without doubt, one of the more important theater events of the new season.”
—Absolute Madrid

“In choreography, if you can’t be a genius, then you must be ingenious. Balanchine is a genius, Robbins is ingenious. Pilobolus Dance Theatre, I would have said a year ago, is simply ingenious. Now I’m not so sure that the gift of ingenuity isn’t capable of once in a while surpassing itself, so that we are shaken out of admiration into awe.”
—The New Yorker

Album Credits

Written by David Poe
(Charming Martyr Music, BMI)

Written, produced and performed by David Poe

℗2011 ECR Music Group.
©2011 Charming Martyr Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Administered by Modern Works Publishing.