Reaching For A Gun :: Rick Henrickson - Engine Company Records | ECR Music Group | NYC
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Engine Company Records

Rick Henrickson | Reaching For A Gun

Rick Henrickson - Reaching For A Gun - Engine Company Records - ECR Music Group

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Track Listing

01. Cool Dry Place (3:12)
02. While She Whistles Wily (3:06)
03. Is That Your Beauty (3:25)
04. She Had (3:22)
05. My Move Sack (2:34)
06. Two Hats (3:00)
07. At Home (2:43)
08. Surprise, Surprise (3:32)
09. Sonoma (3:25)
10. Reaching For A Gun (4:57)


“He deserves our attention . . . thirty years ago Rolling Stone proclaimed they had seen the future of rock and roll and his name was Bruce Springsteen. Well, in the spirit of American Idol I cast my vote for this generation’s future of rock and roll, and his name is Rick Henrickson.”
—Fox News

“BANG! Accomplished cellist Katharine Bent (Joe Jackson, Cirque du Soleil fame) and Mike Errico guest on this pop-rock venture . . . The songs are electric and that could be due to the production reins being given to Blake Morgan of Lenny Kravitz notoriety. Rick [Henrickson] has a great voice and is single-handedly giving CPR to rock-n-roll. The one thing that is for sure, by the end of this album you won’t be Reaching For A Gun but rather for the repeat button.”

Album Credits

Written by Rick Henrickson
(Cool Dry Music, BMI)

Produced and engineered by Blake Morgan at Valiant Recording, NYC
Mastered by Phil Nicolo at Studio 4, PA
Drums recorded at Westway, NYC

Rick Henrickson: vocals, guitars
Blake Morgan: background vocals, guitar, bass guitar, percussion
Mike Errico: background vocals, guitar right on “Two Hats”
Katharine Bent: cello on “Sonoma”

Photography by Mandania Foroughi
Art production by Christian Bowers

©2003 ECR Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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