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31 Aug Plateau.

I know what you are now, plateau. You are not flat. You are an uphill in disguise.

You are a sign that downhill is over.

You are proof that downhill never existed in the first place.

You are a decision that I have to make.

You are harder to conquer because there is no end to you in sight.

You are a sign that I’m doing something right, and that I might be doing something wrong.

You are a broken compass in a directionless wilderness.

You are an optical illusion that tells the truth.

You are an opportunity to prevail.

You are the path that leads to every mountain.

You are apathetic to my cause, my needs, my desires.

You are a filter for the pure of heart.

You are a test of my passion. A test of my resolve. A test of my love.

You are not a test at all. And you aren’t a plateau at all. You’re a cliff thrown on its side, and forward is climbing, always climbing.

You are the ground. You are reality.

Thank you for being so constant, so unmoving, so indifferent. For staying put so I could find you.

If I can’t live here with you, I have no business dreaming of higher ground.